The most common name being given to the ancient people of the southwest is 'ancestral puebloan,' a term that more closely defines the archaeologiclally proven and culturally preferred means of relating the 'ancient ones' to their modern-day Pueblo and Hopi descendents.  Ansasazi is a Navajo-derived term that roughly interpets as 'ancient ancestors,' but that depends on whom you talk to.  Each of the 17 different contemporary Puebloan communities, plus the Hopi and other tribal groups have their own terms to describe and relate to the people who once inhabited the southwest.  I like the interpretation of the Tewa (northern Pueblo) word "seda ....those long ago people to whom we are ALL related."  The word "ALL" prescribes a way of behaving when visiting sites.   Though the human form is long gone, there is a spirit that remains.  One that requires respect.  My favored ancient homescape is Cedar Mesa in southeastern Utah.  I wear that country like an old comfy flannel shirt.  Every walk there is an inspiration.  Every footstep a prayer.  And to keep it that way I serve on the board of Friends of Cedar Mesa.  Visit join us!