Publications: Books Featuring My Work Only

Lucky me!  It is a hard one joy to be able to produce photographs for trade books on any subject.  Competition can be stiff.  Contracts are tricky to negotiate.  You wonder if your budget and the contracted fee will cover expenses and time.  At the end of the day however there is a great exultation from having brought a project to closure.  I've been fortunate the create these books.  The working relationships with all involved was terrific.  Several of the publishers have become life-long friends.  To KC DenDooven, I must say thank you, for taking Dan Murphy's suggestion and giving me the perfect baptism into the world of being a working photographer with the Santa Fe Trail.  Look what happened.  To Joan Kate O'Donnel, I say thank you also, who looked over my shoulder while we worked on Cowboys & Cavedwellers to say, "What are those?"  Those were pueblo children's art that became Where There Is No Name For Art.