Southwest Indian Arts: Navajo Basketry

Before plastic containers, clay mugs, metal mixing bowls and glass jars there were baskets.  One of man's first technological achievements, the making of baskets has moved from function to art with little change in the process as all materials are still gathered and processed by hand.  All early cultures across the west and southwest made baskets from natural materials.  Many of the images here were made for the book Southwestern Indian Weaving by KC Publications.

Navajo artistry is usually thought of in terms of weaving, jewelry and painting.  In the last decade the art of basketry has blossomed as young weavers take cultural and personal stories and turn them into delightful works of art.  Douglas Mesa, north of Monument Valley is the center of this activity.  Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff, Utah is at the center of this artistic development. Please visit their site to see many more baskets.