Current Projects: Patriot Project

Inspired by the Jackson Brown cover of "I Am a Patriot," and the words of American Indian activist/actor/spoken word artist John Trudell, I have been gathering images of the American Flag where it is displayed in non-traditional ways.  When possible I interview those involved about their notions of patriotism.  When does being a patriot (one who offers allegiance to the land) come into friction with being a good citizen (one who offers allegiance to a government)?  When I first thought of this idea about 20 years ago, I thought we were in a very dynamic time concerning the business of being a patriot, of being 'merican.  As the years have passed and I put this one on the shefl I've learned that this topic is essential anytime.  It's more volatile now.  I hope to survive.  I hope to finish.  My dream would be to have Jackson Browne singing the song while my slide show plays behind him!