Current Projects: Personalizing Place

I have decided to join the wild world of being (maybe) a photographic book author.  What route to take?  Guide to secret locations?  Never!  Technical how to?  I’m far too ill equipped and there are plenty out there.  Memoir?  Don’t you need to be dead or near dead for that?  I’m taking the (working) title from our ongoing theme at the Moab Photography Symposium.  It seems that no matter where we go we take ourselves with us and in the making of photographs in a place we know intimately or are on a first date with we try to create something that mirrors the place and our relationship to it that is personally meaningful.  What I’ll attempt to write will be part personal experience, part how to, part creative process informed by 35+ years of teaching children’s art (big overlap with photography!) and 25+ years of teaching photo workshops.