Services: Photographing Artwork

Are you an artist wanting your work professionally photographed in a style that fits YOUR work and vision?  I can photograph your 2D images on 35mm or the 4x5 camera and especially like working with 3D artwork.  The process involves reviewing your work, discussing/creating a lighting style, selecting appropriate backgrounds, agreeing to a budget, doing the work and evaluating it afterwards.  We have the option of photographing in the field and/or studio.  Contact me for fees. 

I produce state-of-the-art digital files that can then be sized for print, web or other uses.

Here in Moab I photograph and print for painter Jacci Weller.  I photograph for sculptor Michael Ford Dunton.  I have also photographed and/or printed for artists Robin Straub, Phil Wagner, Thea Nordling, Betsy Henderson, HL Weber and Sarah Hamingson.  Most of these fine folks are associated with Gallery Moab.

Please contact me for current fees and information.  Email me right now by CLICKING HERE.