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Licensing/Use Fees - Copyright

Professional Image Editors, Buyers & Publishers are invited to license images from Bruce Hucko Photography for commercial use in magazines, books, catalogs, calendars, trade show exhibits, museum exhibits, etc.  My digital library includes 25,000 (and growing) original color and BW images.  I also have a large selection of 4x5 color transparencies, 10,000 color 35mm transparencies, and 5,000+ B&W images.

Please refer to the Photo Galleries on this site for specific photographs.  I'll gladly suggest photos and assemble a submission based on your stated project needs with no charges for image research.  Each submission carries a Delivery Memo and Terms of Delivery.  Our licensing prices are based on published industry standard guidelines, and depend on the type of use, size of the printed image, press run, type and duration of rights you require and the number of images used.  All fees can be negotiated.

When requesting images from this website, please specify the image number and description.

Copyright Protection Notice

While I welcome prospective clients and people who appreciate good photographic imagery to this site, I also take unauthorized use of copyrighted material seriously.  All images published on this website are registered with the United States Copyright Office and are copyrighted by Bruce Hucko Photography.  These photographs may not be copied, downloaded, transmitted, published, reproduced, stored, manipulated, or altered in any way, by any means whatsoever without the written permission of Bruce Hucko Photography, Inc., and payment of a fee as determined by such use. No images are public domain.  Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration is a violation of copyright.  All unauthorized use and copyright infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Your entry into this site acknowledges this notice and your agreement to its terms.  Thank you for respecting my work in this manner.

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