Current Projects

Personalizing Place:  Best Practices and Techniques in the making of                                                                                               personally meaningful landscape photographs.  (book)  

I've decided to enter the current creative fray of writing and illustrating a photography book.  It will be process-oriented with 20+ years of teaching workshops that guide people in the making of meaningful images as my primary resource.  It will be illustrated with my own photographs.  Rather than be a "how-to" book, I intend for it to be a "thinking guide" for the creative process, from thinking about where to go to processing final work.  From raw image capture to the final personally expressive print, the text will set forth in smorgasbord style the many questions, concerns and considerations found along the path of images making.  What does the weight of color mean?  Why do I want to darken the left side of that image?  How do I turn the idea of "tenacity" into an image?  Stay tuned.

Ancient Homescapes (book and exhibit)        

Photographs depicting the ancestral people (Anasazi, Fremont, Sinaguan etc.) who once lived in a land I love.  The photos are complemented with a text that includes contemporary poems, interviews with selected archaeologists and other "guides," as well as facts, figures and issues of the heart, ethics, and preservation.  I anticipate this being an all B&W book, but have not ruled out the use of some color imagery.  See the gallery section for imagery.

Patriot Project (collection)                      

Inspired by the Jackson Brown cover of "I Am a Patriot," and the words of American Indian activist/actor/spoken word artist John Trudell, I have been gathering images of the American Flag where it is displayed in non-traditional ways.  When possible I interview those involved about their notion of patriotism.  When does being a patriot (one who offers allegiance to the land) come into friction with being a good citizen (one who offers allegiance to a government)?  I first thought this up some 20 years ago after hearing Trudell speak and though I have not spent much energy on it, it is still my project!

Natural Stewards of the American West (book, exhibit, radio program)

Portraits and short audio interviews produced as radio documentary with real people of the West who naturally care for a portion of the landscape.  Portraits are complemented by a small portfolio of the surrounding landscape/area of concern.  The first piece in this series was a portrait of rancher Heidi Redd who runs the Dugout Ranch on Indian Creek in San Juan County, Utah.  The work was commissioned by the Nature Conservancy as part of the Utah exhibit of In Response to Place.  This one has also been incubating for over decade.  It's a matter of having the time to get out in the field and really work it!

Blurb Books

I have as short list of photo and student art books that I've create at  Follow this link to my author page there.  Hucko books at