B&W Friday!

I’m “borrowing” this term from buddy John Sexton who has a Black and White Friday book sale going on right now…today! So get over there soon.
While most of the world is shopping for who knows what kind of crap on-line or in person, elbowing, tugging, dashing, screaming and ramping their blood pressure up I’m going to be shopping for a campsite somewhere in the desert south of hanksville….I don’t expect to see anyone. It’s going to be a long B&W weekend. A Saturday storm is promised!
Not much of a post I know, but the lesson to be learned is this – if the world gives you time…..invest it wisely. I’ll take a weekend in the (near) wilderness pretty much anytime over shopping….I was in a Sam’s Club last saturday for just about an hour…..it seemed very uncivilized to me! I think we all behave better with some real walking in our soul.
Sunlit rain on the White Rim
The storm that begat the rain
I love the emotive nature of B&W. As I wander the canyons with B&W on my mind I really don’t go searching for subject so much as I allow it to find me. The receptive mind then alerts me to the call….hey! Look at me! I’m a pretty good subject for what you are thinking. Get over here and work me! When I can keep myself honestly open I am often rewarded with gifts such as I offer here.
I think there might be another waiting down the road….gotta go…..later!

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